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Makeup Vocabulary

Videos 6min

I love to do my own makeup, so today we’re going to talk about it in English! Let’s chat and enhance our vocabulary!

I love to do my own makeup, so today we’re going to talk about it in English! Let’s chat and enhance our vocabulary!

That’s the first thing I do, put some moisturizer on my face, so my skin stays hydrated.

It’s a cream that I put under my eyes.

I spray my face with a primer so my makeup can last longer.

After that, I need to dry my face.

You know those spots that you keep seeing when looking in the mirror? A concealer helps to cover that. After applying it, I always have to pat it and blend it.

Here is when we can start fixing the tone of our skin. For example, sometimes my face gets a little red, so I use the green to neutralize the redness. And then I blend it.

We use a contour stick to get shadows on our faces, and then use a brush to blend it. I like to blend it up and around.

I use a light shade to highlight parts of my face.

I like to use a sparkly highlighter on my cheekbones.

We can blend the blush using a technique called stippling. I can say “I stipple the blush onto my cheeks”.

But you can also simply say you’re going to “blend the blush” on your face.
Then you can use some foundation near your blush to help blending it.

We use brow gel on our eyebrows. Some may have color, but this isn’t the case.

Then you can pat some powder on your face. Use a brush to remove the excess.

My last step is to curl my eyelashes with an eyelash curler and then put some mascara on them.

And my makeup is done!
I hope you enjoyed this video! Send it to your friends so they can learn how to talk about makeup too!


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