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Fluency News #34

Podcasts 1min

Descubra as principais notícias do mundo e pratique seu inglês!

Hello, everyone!

Sejam bem-vindos e bem-vindas a mais um episódio da nossa nova série de podcasts, o Fluency News! Aqui, você vai poder treinar a sua escuta e ficar por dentro do que está acontecendo no mundo, sempre com as três principais notícias da semana, tudo em inglês! Ao longo do episódio, nós também adicionamos explicações em português das coisas que achamos que precisam de mais atenção, assim você não perde nenhum detalhe!

Nesta semana, temos um update na história da Apple versus Facebook que cobrimos na semana passada. Também falamos sobre a polícia alemã fechando um dos maiores sites de pornografia infantil, e sobre Verizon vendendo Yahoo por aproximadamente metade do que pagou. Para restaurar nossa fé na humanidade, também temos boas notícias vindas da Índia.

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Toda semana temos um novo episódio do Fluency News, não deixe de escutar! See you!

Este episódio foi escrito por Lívia Pond.

Transcrição do episódio:

What is up, everyone, welcome back to Fluency News! This is Scott Lowe, and I’m thrilled to have you with me!

You probably already know how this works, so I’ll just give you a quick rundown. We’re going to check out some of this week’s most important stories together. Then, whenever there’s a need for an extended explanation or in depth context, you’ll hear me speaking in Portuguese, to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Before we get started, let me just remind you, you can see all of our sources and the transcript of this episode by going to fluencytv.com. There you’ll also have access to a bunch of free lessons, so don’t miss out.

Alright, now let’s jump in. We start today’s episode with an update of a previous story. Apple and Facebook are still feuding, after Apple rolled out an operating system update that shows users which apps are tracking them without their knowledge. Facebook is continuing its campaign against the feature, now stating that the information collected from users is to “help keep Facebook free of charge”.

The update, iOS 14.5, makes it that all apps must ask for permission before they can track a user between apps and websites. Game developing companies and many others are said to be worried, but Facebook has been publically fighting the feature since it was announced. Now it’s threatening to start charging its users for access in the future, should users deny it access.

That is still a story in development, and we’ll keep you posted on what happens between these two technology giants.

Nessa história, nós temos a palavra “should” sendo usada com um sentido diferente de “deveria”. “Should” é um verbo modal, usado normalmente para falar de uma recomendação, com sentido de obrigação. Aqui, o significado seria “caso”, ou “se”. Então caso os usuários não aceitem ser rastreados, é possível que o Facebook comece a cobrar acesso.

Next up, German police shut down one of the world’s biggest darknet child abuse images sites. An online platform said to be one of the largest websites for child sexual abuse images in the world has been closed by German police after months of lengthy investigation.

The Boystown platform, which had a membership of more than 400,000 international subscribers and was active for almost two years, was accessible only via the darknet, a component of the wider internet for which special software is needed. It was used for the swapping and sharing of images and films, mainly of boys, according to investigators from Germany’s federal investigative police force (BKA).

Four German citizens between the ages of 40 and 64 were detained in relation to the case, three on suspicion of working as administrators for the platform — one of whom was arrested in Paraguay. Another man was taken in under suspicion of being a registered member and the platform’s most active user, having contributed more than 3,500 posts.

Eva Kühne-Hörmann, the justice minister for the state of Hesse where three of the men are in custody, called the police work a “fantastic investigative success story in the fight against the sexualised violence of children and young people”. She said it sent the clear message to those dealing with child abuse images that “the oxygen for people who participate in the spreading of photos and videos is getting increasingly thin”.

“The platform had several forums and chats — the illegal pictures and videos were kept in the forums; in the chats, the members could communicate,” prosecutor Julia Bussweiler said. “There were several language channels to facilitate the communication.”

A German police task force investigated the platform, its administrators and users for months in cooperation with Europol and law enforcement authorities from the Netherlands, Sweden, Australia, the United States and Canada, the statement said.

Germany’s top security official thanked the authorities for their success.

“This investigative success has a clear message: Those who assault the weakest aren’t safe anywhere,” German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer said. ”That’s what investigators work for day and night, online and offline, globally.”

“We’ll do everything within our power to protect the kids from these disgusting crimes,” he added.

Você sabe qual é a diferença de “inside” e “within”? As duas palavras podem ser traduzidas para “dentro”. “Inside” significa “dentro”, no sentido de “do lado de dentro”. Normalmente usamos quando estamos falando da localização de algum objeto. “Within” é mais formal e geralmente usada para se referir a período de tempo ou distância. Ela também pode significar, como aqui nessa história, “dentro de”. Então o oficial disse que eles farão tudo dentro do poder deles para proteger as crianças.

In other tech news, Verizon sold AOL and Yahoo for about half of what it paid. Verizon offloaded its media business to Apollo Global Management in a deal valued at $5 billion as the mobile phone giant focuses on building out its 5G network.

Verizon will maintain a 10 percent stake in the company, now known as Yahoo and led by CEO Guru Gowrappan. The deal, which includes Verizon’s ad tech business, was heavily rumored over the last week and is still subject to closing conditions. Once complete, it’ll bring an end to Verizon’s troubled experiment with media production and advertising.

Verizon has been shedding media assets as it refocuses on wireless, spending billions on licensing the airwaves needed for the next generation of faster mobile service, called 5G. It sold blogging site Tumblr in 2019 and HuffPost to BuzzFeed late last year. The digital media sector in recent years has been consolidating as companies seek profitability.

Apollo is a private equity firm that owns the Venetian resort in Las Vegas and crafts retailer Michaels. “We are thrilled to help unlock the tremendous potential of Yahoo and its unparalleled collection of brands,” said Apollo partner Reed Rayman. “We have enormous respect and admiration for the great work and progress that the entire organization has made over the last several years, and we look forward to working with Guru, his talented team, and our partners at Verizon to accelerate Yahoo’s growth in its next chapter.”

Nesta história, vemos o uso do adjetivo de posse “its”. Ele é escrito I-T-S, e é usado para se referir a algo que pertence à um objeto, ou nesse caso, uma empresa. Sempre que estivermos falando de algo que não é uma pessoa, usamos IT, e quando falamos de algo que pertence à essa não pessoa, usamos ITS. Como não existe em português um equivalente perfeito, normalmente traduzimos “it” para “ele” ou “ela”, e “its” para “dele” ou “dela”. Aqui, estamos falando das posses e ações da Verizon, uma empresa de comunicação, e por isso usamos o sujeito IT.

Last week we saw some of the horrors that India is facing with COVID-19, so this week we decided to showcase some of the good things that are happening there! Here are some stories that will make you feel warm and cozy inside, and maybe, restore your faith in humanity a little.

Olive Ridley turtles are back on Mumbai beach after 20 years, thanks to a cleanup effort that’s been ongoing for 127 weeks. On World Water Day, celebrated across the globe on March 22, activists and volunteers saw hatchlings of a species. They immediately informed the state forest department of their discovery, who, on their part, confirmed that the hatchlings belong to Olive Ridley turtles. The finding of the hatchlings holds great importance as the Olive Ridley turtles returned to Versova beach after a gap of 20 years. The cleanup campaign started by lawyer-turned-activist Afroz Shah is credited as the reason these animals are back.

Also in India, the kindness of strangers is giving hope amid the horrors of Covid-19. Several ordinary men and women have become pandemic superheroes, helping battle not only the coronavirus but also the labyrinthine Indian bureaucracy.

An auto rickshaw driver in Bhopal sold his wife’s jewellery to convert his vehicle into a makeshift ambulance.

Another person in Mumbai sold his SUV for 2.2 million rupees (R$162,000) to buy people oxygen cylinders.

In Varanasi, a 23-year-old labourer used his bike rigged to a wooden trolley as an ambulance to ferry sick people to hospital.

The generosity can be strikingly intimate, like when a lactating mother in Bangalore donated breast milk to a premature baby whose mother had died of Covid-19 last week.

In many towns, an army of anonymous volunteers work their phones to verify and update public databases listing suppliers of critical drugs and oxygen. Hundreds of unnamed students call government helplines on behalf of sick and overwhelmed families.

With localized lockdowns restricting mobility, hunger has also returned as a threat for many daily wageworkers.

“It is a completely ignored crisis this time,” said Mr Ankit Gupta, 28, who along with some of his friends, has been distributing around 3,000 food packets and 200 dry ration kits every day in Delhi for the past two weeks. They buy these supplies using crowdsourced funds.

“I don’t think I would have survived had I not been helping others, which gives me the energy to go on,” said Mr Gupta.

And it’s on that hopeful note that we’re going to end today’s episode. It’s important to remember to stay happy, healthy and safe, while helping others as much as we can. Don’t forget to check out fluencytv.com for more free content.

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Pra não ficar de fora, é só apertar o link na descrição desse episódio e fazer a sua inscrição 100% gratuita (leva uns 15 segundinhos).

Don’t forget, there’s a new episode of Fluency News every week, and we’ll be here waiting for you. Until next time. Peace.


Facebook and Instagram threaten to charge for access on iOS 14.5 unless you give them your data

Facebook and Instagram asks for Tracking Permission on iOS 14.5 update

Facebook and Instagram asks for Tracking Permission on iOS 14.5 update

Germany busts international child porn site used by 400,000

Verizon sells internet trailblazers Yahoo and AOL for $5B

Kindness of strangers gives hope amid the horrors of Covid-19 in India

Reliance becomes India’s largest producer of medical grade liquid oxygen from single location

Thanks to 127 weeks cleanup, Olive Ridley turtles are back on Mumbai beach after 20 years

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